MorningStar Grower Services

Gediflora is a world leader in the breeding and production of Belgian Mums

MorningStar Gower Services offers complete mum production scheduling and support along with the purchase of your mums. 

The Quality and Color Selections along with the Gediflora "Families"* of Mums makes Gediflora the premier choice for all your Mum needs!

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Gediflora Catalog

*Families feature not only some of the best-selling varieties
in the series but also help take the guess work out of
selecting the perfect garden mum for your specific needs.
Whether you are looking for a certain season, short
response time or great varieties to create mixed color
combinations for you.
• Urano family
• Padre family
• Amiko family
• Conaco family
• Milano family
• Staviski family
• Jasoda family
MorningStar Grower Services