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Fortune Gerbera
The Fastest and Most Uniform Gerberas on the Market

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BiColor Purple

BiColor Red

Dutch Orange

Coral White


Golden Yellow 

Neon Rose

Pink of Provence

Royal Orange

Sunny Yellow

Sportcar Red

Lipstick Red

Available in Complete Color Mix

Fortune XL
Great for 6" Pots      Larger Flowers 

XL Deep Terracotta

XL Pink Bi-color

XL Lipstick Red

XL Purple

XL Toscany Yellow

XL Warm Yellow

Ivory Series  High Density Production

Ideal for High Density Production Exceptional Uniformity
Available in a Variety of Formula Mixes including Custom Mixes
  1. Managing Director
    Romeo & Julia Unbelievable Mix
  2. Managing Director
    Romantic Love Mix
  3. Managing Director
    Spring Affairs Mix
  4. Managing Director
    Sunset Romance Mix
  5. Managing Director
    The Wedding Mix
  6. Managing Director
    Ivory Bi-Color Mix
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